It’s easy! Design your own Couples Re-Treat, Group of Couples, Group of Friends or Family Re-Treat.

So you’ve booked your accommodation stay with us and you are interested in adding on an experience to Design your own Re-Treat.

Simply email with the add-on the experiences you want from our menu of local experts including your dates and preferred times and we'll arrange the rest. A Couples weekend with mountain bike and massage or Friends weekend with yoga and surf. Or any mix, you choose! With the Surfcoast, the Great Otway National Park at our doorstep and nature all around, the world is your oyster. Just an hour and a half out of Melbourne it’s too easy not to. 


Discover & reconnect with nature and yourself in this unique experience.

Surfing Re-Treat Great Ocean Road
Yoga Re-Treat Great Ocean Road
Mountain Bike Re-Treat Great Ocean
Qi Gong/Tai Chi Re-Treat Great Ocean
Meditation Re-Treat Great Ocean Road

2hrs / half day / 1-3 days

Surfing for the Soul.
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half day/ 1-3 days

Surfing for the Soul.

There's nothing quite as liberating as customising your very own Re-Treat long weekend or get out of town experience. Whether it’s a celebration or purely for adventure, learn or have fun sharpening your skills in your weekend Surf Re-Treat away! 

Surfing brings you together with nature and one another, to have a great time. A meditation in sorts of it’s own, surfing allows you to connect deeply back with nature, let go of everything, feel alive and have fun connecting with your mates. We partner with very well respected & fully qualified local Surf Coast instructors to get you sorted on your surfing adventure. Choose from 2hrs, half day and book-end your experience with a nap, book or indulge in a late lunch at one of the great eateries or drop into one of the three wineries located within 6kms of Jareseben. If you've got the time, then you must book in for 1 2 3 or 4 days to enjoy an exciting and rejuvenating Re-Treat experience completely designed by you, for you. Staying in nature, in your dedicated private spaces makes the whole experience really something to remember. Surf and add-on yoga, meditation, massage, tai chi to your days to complete your experience.

Boards & wetsuits can be provided.

Additional towels can be supplied on request.



half day/ 1-3 days

Yoga - Mind, Body, Spirit

Indulge in the luxury of time and a dedication devoted entirely to you in the practise of yoga.

Whether you are commencing your relationship with an introduction to yoga or are wanting to explore & experience your boundaries our local qualified instructor will lovingly take you through a practise of Slow Flow, Vinyasa or Restorative yoga. If you have a specific yoga journey you are looking for then this can also be accommodated. Make the most of your time and the opportunity to experience yoga to it’s fullest, with all that you expect it to be and without the pressure of external commitments book-ending your practise. 

Cap off your yoga with a mindful stroll along the beautiful stretch of national marine park beach bordered by national park coastal scrub at Point Addis or venture the clifftops along over 50kms of walk-able coastline.

Choose from 2hrs of mindful movement to a half day, 1 to 4 days of idyllic yoga movement. As you are designing your very own custom experience within this time, then consider adding 2hrs of dedicated meditation, a surf or a 2hr morning tai chi class. And as this is all about you, we warmly encourage you to consider a pampering massage to your fully customised Re-Treat. Designed by you, for you.



half day/ 1-3 days

Get Adventurous in nature.

Adventure into the breath-taking Otway National Park along the Great Ocean Road to explore nature at it’s best with the knowledge of a guide who has over 30yrs experience.

A tried and tested adventure enthusiast, Simon Williams is no stranger to the myriad of paths that fill the Surfcoast. Established Adventure Pro 400km 5day Keen racer and 21km Anaconda Adventure 7 times rider, he is king of the trails and his mantra is to show you the best time ever. So get wild with a group of friends for the weekend, taking to over 65kms of tracks in what is none other than Australia’s premiere mountain bike location - Forest. Diverse and fun, weave through tall eucalyptus, native bush to magical ferns to loose your mind and connect with the body. All levels of riders accommodated and with the breadth of choice on tracks, there quite literally is something to suit every group and with the knowledge on hand by GoRats you are in very safe hands. Finish your day with a return to the tranquility of Jareseben, where you can unwind fire-side and take in the elements with a relaxing massage or add-on a 2hr meditation or 2hr yoga class to round out your experience. The beauty of all this, is that you decide and simply add it on to your package.



half day/ 1-3 days

Out on Wheels.

Explore your preferred section of over 266kms of moderate to hard sealed road surfaces, across undulating terrain across up to 3 days of avid cycling.

Take in the beauty of the Great Ocean Road, from lush forests, beaches, viewpoints with nothing but cliff between you and ocean’s edge, lunch at the Aireys Pub and more cycling till mid afternoon. Traverse sections of the 200kms of open country roads through local farming and wine regions enjoying the spectacular scenery. This is the Ultimate get out of town and disconnect from work Re-Treat. Bring your friends with you and make this the cycling weekend you've been longing for or create a Couples Cycling weekend and bring your partner and 3 other couples for a lifestyle Re-Treat to remember.  Recoup the body at the end of a challenging & rewarding day's cycling, with a deep tissue remedial massage, ahead of wine tasting. Design your own Cycling Re-Treat simply by adding-on these experiences from our local experts. Make your own get away Cycling Re-Treat an annual event! Celebrate a milestone birthday or a special occasion in a very memorable way. Get designing your Cycling Re-Treat today.

Tai Chi.png
Slow. Awaken. Connect.


half day/ 1-3 days

Engage in the ancient Chinese art of Qigong and Tai Chi to improve circulation, balance and alignment & restore energy ‘chi’ or ‘qi’.

Slowen and deepen your connection to the five natural elements - Wood, Earth, Water, Fire & Metal with our qualified martial arts expert, who has over 30yrs experience. The ancient Chinese practices of Tai Chi and Qi Gong (pronounced CHEE-kung) combine slow, deliberate movements meditation and breathing exercises. Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is the Chinese discipline devoted to the development of understanding, awareness and harmonizing of one’s mind, body, qi (chi) and spirit. Qi Gong practice involves rhythmic breathing, coordinated with slow stylised repetitions of fluid movements and a calm mindful state. From a philosophical perspective Qi Gong is believed to help develop human potential, allowing access to higher realms of awareness, awakening one’s true nature. Ziran QiGong is a progressive set of exercises that retains all the original concepts and benefits associated with traditional Qigong, while following a style of practice that uses terms and expressions that modern people can associate with and understand. “The main aim of Ziran Qigong is to obtain an understanding of one’s mind and body and the link between the two.”



half day/ 1-3 days

Reset & Reconnect

Take the time out to be guided through an introduction to Meditation by our certified meditation teachers whose passion is to help become more conscious, connected and calm. 

Allow them to share the tools for being; simply and breathing. Meditation is mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a clearer calmer mind, increased awareness, increased self realisation and wellbeing. Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and depression and benefits include healthier mind with the capacity to make better decisions, contentment and connectedness. In today’s modern busy world, meditation is proving to be a highly sought after relief for the busy mind and disconnected soul. Escape from daily life and jump into your connection with meditation - choose from 2hrs, a half day, to 1 2 or 3 days of meditation practise. Add-on a massage to your experience for the ultimate Re-Treat or book-end your day with Yoga to complement your meditation practise. The choice is yours in your fully customised experience Re-Treat.