Inspired by the beautiful simplicities in life; nature, one another, adventure, food, fire, conversation & fun. 


We recommend that you remove your shoes when you arrive and connect with the earth beneath you, to ground you and ensure the very most of your stay. We have included digital detox boxes in all abodes and encourage you to put your digital away when you arrive (clocks for time telling).


Respect nature & respect other people enjoying nature.


Rain water is our only supply of water to the property, so we ask that you consider the water that you are using and are mindful to have enjoyable but conservative showers. 


Our goal is to be carbon neutral - we have solar power and generate enough electricity to power the energy that we use and we encourage you to minimise your usage in order to really benefit from the connection to nature. 


We use non-chemical cleaning products to ensure the health of our septic system and to that of the environment. We supply eco shampoo, conditioner & soap and ask that you refrain to only using eco-friendly products during your stay. We have worm farms and composts to reduce our waste and produce our own organic matter to fertilise our gardens practising permaculture disciplines for maximum efficiency & sustainability - we ask that you depose of your waste in the suitable compost, worm farm or recycle bins provided.


We hope that with increased exposure to eco living that you will be inspired to do more with your family & friends.


Enjoy yourself, laugh out loud, dance around the fire - please do so respectfully knowing that noise can carry and loud music could be disruptive to others.


We ask that you drive at walking speed whilst on the property (particularly as you enter our driveway as our do Eddie has a festish for rounding up cars and will guide you in at slow walking pace), that you respect your abode, cleaning up twigs and dust after using internal fires and that you pay particular attention to safe use and management of fireplaces. Guests aren’t permitted to have outside fires on total fire ban days.


Our dog Eddie or any wildlife. We do have wild bird food that you are welcome to leave on your door to attract the birds. Pls ask us.